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Wednesday Game Times

Week 18


Hi guys, Thursday the 21st of December will be our last official night of games before the Christmas break.

🏐 So business as usual next week 🏐

We are closed officially as far as the comp is concerned from Monday the 25th of Dec to Sunday the 14th of Jan.

We resume Wet Season Comp Monday the 15th of January.

*** If you’re around after New Years we will be having a fun holiday comp that will go for 2 weeks. This starts Monday the 1st - Thursday the 11th. Please let me know if you want to play over this time ***

See you at DIBV next week, if I don’t catch you at the Xmas party this Saturday or across the bar beforehand, have a great Xmas & New Years & stay safe.

Thanks for your support & a great 2017 🙌🏻


Game Times will be posted here every Friday for the following week.

If you or your team does have any requests or needs to have the week off,

please let bar staff know before COB Thursday.

Thank You.