Team Payments, Numbers on Court & Forfeit Fees


Teams are now asked that 1 player from each team make payment on behalf of the whole team before their games.

This player may also complete their player sign in which records their team mates attendance each week.  Remember, attendance records are used to determine eligibility to participate in Finals.


Team Fees

Pairs Teams - $40

3-A-Side Teams - $56

4-A-Side Teams - $72

6-A-Side Teams - $85


Forfeit Fees

Fixtures are done every Friday so players have as much notice as possible and can get organised for their Games the coming week.

If you know you can't play the following week, let us know before Friday 12pm Lunch Time and I'll make sure you're not in the following weeks draw.

You can also request specific times if you have to catch a plane or have meetings the following week. These requests can't always be met but we will try.

Forfeit Fees apply to all teams who notify of their intent to forfeit after 12pm Lunch Time on Friday.

Costs are 50% of your Team Fee if you forfeit after the fixtures have been posted and 100% of your Team Fee if you forfeit on the day of your matches.

All forfeit fees must be paid in full before your next game.


Please note that changes made to game times will be updated live online.


Thank you for your understanding :-)