Grand Final Information

We have 2 Competition Seasons each year.  A Wet Season and a Dry Season.

This means we also have 2 Grand Finals each year.  One in March and another in August (or thereabouts).


Dates for Grand Finals are confirmed approximately 10 weeks prior to the date and our Grand Finals are always played on a Saturday evening between 5pm and 10pm.


This allows teams plenty of time to practice and make sure all players qualify.  Remember, each player must play a minimum of 16 games (8 weeks) to qualify to play in the finals.


Each grade is split into divisions, and each team has been ranked in their respective division from 1st to 4th, depending on their position on the ladder.

In order to participate in finals, teams must be available to play their Semi Finals on their regular competition night as well as the Grand Final the following Saturday evening if they do make it through.


In each division:

1st place v 2nd place

3rd place v 4th place

Winner of 1st v 2nd automatically qualifies for the Grand Final.

Loser of 1st v 2nd plays against the winner of 3rd v 4th (Play-Off Game).

Loser of 3rd v 4th is eliminated.

The winning team from the Play-Off Game also qualifies for the Grand Final.


Semi Finals match fees are as per normal.  Grand Finals are free :-)


Attention all Division 1 Teams in A, B & C Grade Mixed Grand Finals.

For teams in the A1, B1 and C1 Mixed Grand Finals, please be aware that there will be a special championship game that will be played on Grand Final night in addition to your normal Grand Final to determine the best mixed teams of the season.

These games will be played at around 7:30pm.


Because the mixed competitions run over 3 nights, the two teams in each A1, B1 and C1 mixed divisions with the highest winning margin in their grand finals will qualify for the championship match.